Magicowl Production

Like all good stories, it started with a few driven people, passionate about cinema, other galaxies and fantasy, willing to invent new stories and parallel universes.

Over the years, we have conceived many projects with and for various artists, brands, companies, … who cherish and foster values that we connect with.

Our approach:

We invent a concept and make it come true.
From the first sketches to the final result, we take every aspect of the making in charge: screenplay, filming, directing, costumes, actors, editing, screenwriting, copywriting, and many more.

For years, we have surrounded ourselves with skilled and talented professionals, which has allowed us to invent crazier and bigger projects.

Turn your dreams into reality:

When it comes to your high-end video production.
Our skilled team have the experience and expertise to make your wildest dreams come true.

And we are ready for the next challenge!
Will you be part of Magicowl’s next adventure?


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